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Sunshine Cleaning (2009) [R]
W.I.P. Scale™ Rating: $11.00

| Released on: 3/20/2009 | Running Time: 102 minutes |
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Directed by: Christine Jeffs (Sylvia)
Written by: Megan Holley (debut)
Unsung Member of the Crew: Sound Mixer – Lori Dovi

Featured Cast: (where you might remember him/her from)
Amy Adams (Charlie Wilson's War) • Emily Blunt (Charlie Wilson's War) • Alan Arkin (Rendition) • Jason Spevack (Hollywoodland) • Steve Zahn (Strange Wilderness) • Mary Lynn Rajskub (Little Miss Sunshine) • Clifton Collins Jr. (Babel) • Paul Dooley (Hairspray) • Kevin Chapman (Unknown) • Eric Christian Olsen (Fired Up!)

Spoiler Points for Sunshine Cleaning (2009)

So, if you suddenly smelled either a horrendously powerful cleaning fluid or the cadaverines of decomposing corpse in your midst mid-film, then this spoiler’s for you.

• Be forewarned, practically before the opening credits, the film begins with a suicide. A dude takes a shotgun shell out of the glove box, enters a gun shop, ask for a certain shotgun, loads it with his shell, and blows his brains out all over the place.

• The suicide is investigated by Mac (Steve Zahn) local law enforcement officer who just also happens to have been the high school QB and former main squeeze of Rose (Amy Adams) whom he rejected for marriage for another girl but is now having a fling with on the side.

• One night while Rose is out doing the horizontal mamba with Mac, Norah (Emily Blunt), Rose’s sister, tells Oscar (Jason Spevack) a little story about a character with OCD who cannot stop licking things. So, Oscar tires it out the next day at school causing the Principal to order him on medication and Rose to remove him from school to seek a more understanding school construct. But, she lacks the money. Fortunately, Mac has a plan for her to try. She becomes a crime scene cleaner because he claims the money is so good. She follows the advice and starts Sunshine Cleaning. The money is good, but the work is hard and dangerous.

• Norah and Rose are hired to clean out a trailer home and come across a fanny pack of pictures. Norah is fascinated with them and steals the pack vowing to herself to find the kid now grown depicted therein. She eventually tracks down the young woman, daughter of the trailer owner who killed herself. Subconsciously, she hopes to find a kindred spirit who will understand her grief derived from the suicide of her own mother. This side plot barely helps bring any more significance to the film, unfortunately. In the end the woman discovers that that Norah has been interested in her from the beginning for her relationship to her mother and not because Norah was interested in her as she had hoped.

• Rose works hard to build the business and get the proper certifications. Just when things are rolling along, she gets seduced by the concept of attending the baby shower of one of her high school acquaintances. Subconsciously, she wants to go to prove that she’s not a loser now that her business is thriving. While she’s at the shower, Norah takes on the lead responsibility for a job they’ve just gotten kicked to them by an insurance company. She lights a candle at the little home as she begins to clean. Under a bed, she finds a kitten who runs out. As she leaves to chase it down, she knocks the candle over and starts what will soon be a $40,000 loss to Sunshine Cleaning, the end of the business, and the end of her relationship with Rose. Rose arrives to find the mess and vows never to forgive her.

• Some time later, at Oscar’s birthday party, Rose and Norah sort of make up.

• Norah decides to leave town on a road trip.

• Joe sells his home and uses the money to buy a van for the new cleaning service he plans to run Rose. She’s touched.

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