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Watchmen (2009) [R]
W.I.P. Scale™ Rating: $13.00

| Released on: 3/6/2009 | Running Time: 163 minutes |
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Directed by: Zack Snyder (300)
Screenplay By: David Hayter (X2) and Alex Tse (Sucker Free City)
Based on the Book, Watchmen
by Alan Moore (writer) Dave Gibbons (illustrator)
Unsung Member of the Crew: Production Supervisor – Sara Flamm

Featured Cast: (where you might remember him/her from)
Malin Akerman (27 Dresses) • Billy Crudup (The Good Shepherd) • Matthew Goode (The Lookout) • Jackie Earle Haley (Semi-Pro) • Jeffrey Dean Morgan (P.S. I Love You) • Patrick Wilson (Lakeview Terrace ) • Carla Gugino (The Unborn) • Matt Frewer ("Eureka")

Spoiler Points for Watchmen (2009)
If you were minding your own business when half way through the film a blood smeared smiley-face pin fell 300 ft from the ceiling, piercing your thigh, severing a major vessel, shooting vital life fluids all over the place, forcing you to run from the theatre to get immediate medical attention , the this spoiler is for you.

• The film begins with a news conference with Richard Nixon (Robert Wisden) talking about his plans to defend America against a possible nuclear threat and a new show with experts giving their opinions as to the likely potential for nuclear war. One analyst proclaims that our reliance on Dr. Manhattan is forcing the USSR to stockpile nuclear weapons.

• A masked man enters apartment 300 belonging to Edward Blake / The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), tussles with him, and eventually tosses him through the plate glass window of his high rise apartment. His smiley-face pin falls to the ground stained with blood.

• Next there’s a long flashback retrospective on history from 1940 to the present mid 1980s showing everything from Dr. Manhattan / Jon Osterman (Billy Crudup) meeting President Kennedy to the original Minutemen super hero group members founding the controversial group.

• The film is narrated by Walter Kovacs / Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley).

October 12, 1985.

• Rorschach doubts that Blake’s murder is a coincidence and moves to check it out. He decides it’s a murder motivated against former super heroes. So, he takes the task of warning his former colleagues. He pays Dan Dreiberg / Nite Owl II ( Patrick Wilson) a visit. Dan finds Rorschach in his house eating a can of raw pork and beans. Rorschach flips him The Comedian’s smiley-face pin and shares his murder theory. Daniel is unconvinced.

• Still, Dan pays Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias (Matthew Goode) a visit. Adrian is one of only two of the Watchmen to come out to the public. He’s turned his image into a business empire worth billions. Dan warns him of the Rorschach hypothesis.

13 October 1985

• Rorschach shows up to warn Dr. Manhattan Laurie Jupiter / Silk Spectre II (Malin Akerman) about the possible murderer. He also wants Dr. Manhattan to look into his own future to see if he can tell who murders him to give him a clue. But, Dr. Manhattan claims that tachyons are blocking his view of the future. He has a fear that a nuclear war in the future is the cause. He is working tirelessly on a new power source that will free mankind from fossil fuel dependency. Jon tells her that she’ll soon be having dinner with Daniel.

• “99 Red Luft Balloons” plays as Laurie and Daniel eat dinner. She tells him that Jon thinks there’s going to be a nuclear war.

• “The Sound of Silence” plays during the funeral of Edward Blake, the Twin Towers loom in the background.

• Jon teleports Laurie to visit her mother, Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre (Carla Gugino).

• Via flashback, we see the younger Sally and her days with Eddie who gets mad when she won’t have sex with him, rapes and beats her to a pulp. The other super heroes come in and save her.

• Dr. Manhattan flashed back on days of fighting with Eddie in Vietnam. He witnesses Eddie gun down a woman who claims to be carrying his child.

• Via flashback, Daniel remembers a time when the two were breaking up a demonstration and Eddie went a little to far. He then tossed the smiley-face pin into the grave with the coffin.

• Rorschach pays an old super villain ‘friend’, Edgar Jacobi / Moloch the Mystic (Matt Frewer) a visit. He knows that Moloch would have motive in the death of The Comedian. But, Moloch claims The Comedian came to see him. Said something was up and his name was on a list. Rorschach files through his mail looking for clues.

October 16, 1985.

• Jon and Laurie engage in intercourse, when suddenly Laurie figures out he’s split himself into parts and she’s not getting all of him. She’s very disappointed.

• Laurie shows up on Dan’s doorstep. She tell him she’s left Jon.

• Dr. Manhattan dresses up a television interview – he normally doesn’t wear clothes.

• Daniel insists Laurie go drinking with him.

• Dr. Manhattan arrives at the studio but he’s too bright. So he dims himself.

• Via flashback, we learn how Manhattan came to be.

• Daniel and Laurie fight an entire gang in a back alley.

• A reporter gets to ask a question of Dr. Manhattan, and he starts to connect the dots between exposure to Dr. Manhattan and subsequently getting cancer. Jon’s first love, a former female physicist named Janey Slater (Laura Mennell) shows up to confront him for leaving her and for giving her cancer. He’s so distraught, he teleports to Mars intending to build a new civilization. He flashes back to his days as a 30-year old physicist. He and Janey were in love.

• Due to the disappearance of Dr. Manhattan, Nixon moves the threat level to DefCon 2. His advisor give him the outlook of a nuclear war. They predict much of the east coast will be lost, but midwest farms should be ok.

• Lee Iacoca and other executives meet with Adrian Veidt regarding his plans for alternative fuels. They’re angry, then an assassin tries to kill Veidt. He cracks, or so we think, a cyanide tablet before they can get anything out of him.

• Laurie and Dan have lunch discussing the attempt on Veidt’s life. He invites here to stay with him full time.

October 21, 1985

• Rorschach follows Dan and Laurie to keep them safe. Then he remembers something, the badge on the assassin was the same company that sent Moloch a pension check. When he arrives, though Moloch is already dead. As he’s examining the scene for clues, the eager police show up almost too soon to arrest him for murder. He realizes he’s been set up, but by whom.

• He tries to escape, but the police catch him and remove his mask revealing the face of Walter Kovacs. The prison psych tries to get a read on whether he’s criminally insane or not.

• Walter Kovacs flashes back to the day he became Rorschach. The story makes the psych think he belongs in general pop. He’s placed there, and the men soon learn their in the big house with him no the other way around.

• Laurie discovers Archie – their owl ship – is still in Dan’s underground workshop. She fires the flame throwers and almost burns down the house. Dan puts out the fire. He gives here some glasses that show the real world. They decide to go at it, but he arrives a little too soon in the process.

• Rorschach gets threatened in prison by Big Figure (Danny Woodburn).

• Daniel and Laurie decide to go back to fighting crime. They suit up and take Archie out. A police scanner reveals a high rise fire. They end up rescuing and saving the lives of many people. They make love on the ship and she bumps the flame button again.

• A fire breaks out in Rorschach’s prison. Big Figure tries to put the squeeze on him, but instead he gets squeezed.

• Daniel and Laurie decide to rescue Rorschach from prison no realizing he’s about to be freed by the fire.

• They all meet up and then Dr. Manhattan appears telling Laurie she’s about to meet him on Mars. He teleports here there.

• Daniel and Rorschach vow to the bottom of the crimes. They shake down a guy and find out that Janey, Moloch and driver all worked for same shell company.

• Dr. Manhattan has built a phenomenal structure on Mars.

• Nixon takes country to DefCon 1.

• Following their tip, Daniel and Rorschach get into an office and find evidence that actually Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias is behind the entire thing.

• Laurie tries to convince Dr. Manhattan to return to save earth. He has no desire to help earth anymore. He shows her her past, and accidentally reveals that The Comedian was her father.

• Dan and Rorschach vow to stop Veidt. They head to his Antarctic HQ. There he tells them of his plan to save the world by faking nuclear bombing of major cities in USA and USSR. He believes millions will die, but billions will live. They try to stop him, but ti’s too late, he launched the attack 35 minutes earlier. Having had his sense of humanity restored, Jon and Laurie arrive in NYC to find it destroyed. So, they follow the tachyon field back to Adrian’s lair. They learn of Adrian’s plans and realize they cannot be stopped. He goes after Adrian, but Adrian zaps him into oblivion. But, he re-materializes and goes ballistic on him. But, Adrian convinces them that it’s too late to change anything and then shows them the news reports of people making peace all over the world amidst the destruction. The signature energy field proves to be that of Dr. Manhattan who is blamed for the destruction, not any missiles. But Rorschach vows to tell the world the truth. He says he’ll either have to be killed to keep their secret. So, Dr. Manhattan obliterates him turning him into a spectacular human Rorschach blot on the snow. Jon then leaves to start life in a new galaxy.

• Laurie and Daniel set up a home and spend time with her mom. Laurie forgives her for not telling her the true identity of her father.

• The editor of a newspaper yells at his writer saying that all this peace makes their paper worthless. The dude is wearing a smiley-face t-shirt and squirts ketchup on it just like The Comedian’s pin. He says he’ll look in the crack-pot file and see if there’s anything to write about. In it is Rorschach’s journal.

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