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Battle for Terra (2009) [PG]
W.I.P. Scale™ Rating: $11.75

| Expected Release Date: 5/1/2009 | Running Time: 85 minutes |
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Directed by: Aristomenis Tsirbas (Terra)
Written by: Evan Spiliotopoulos (The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning) and Aristomenis Tsirbas (Terra) with story by Aristomenis Tsirbas
Unsung Member of the Crew: 2D - Artist – Adam Byrne

Featured Cast: (where you might remember him/her from)
Justin Long (He's Just Not That Into You) • Evan Rachel Wood (Across the Universe) • Luke Wilson (Henry Poole Is Here) • David Cross (Kung Fu Panda) • Amanda Peet (The X-Files: I Want to Believe) • Brian Cox (The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep) • Dennis Quaid (The Express) • Chris Evans (Push)

Spoiler Points for Battle for Terra (2009)

If three quarters of the way through The Battle for Terra you felt as though you were running out of oxygen and had to flee to the nearest oxygen bar for a quick jolt, then this spoiler is for you.

• To prove to Lieutenant James Stanton (Luke Wilson) that he is loyal to his people, General Henner (Brian Cox) puts Stanton’s brother Stuart (Chris Evans) in a chamber with Mala (Evan Rachel Wood). But Stuart cannot handle the low oxygen. Henner forces Stanton to push a button to change the atmosphere and save Stuart. At last he does, but then when Mala is almost gone, he orders his robot Giddy (David Cross) to save and protect her. Giddy laser blasts the glass, gets her a respirator, and helps her get to a ship to get off the Ark. As they approach Terra, however, Mala’s lack of experience in this flying machine causes here to reenter too quickly. Giddy orders they eject. He attempts to lessen her fall, but they both collide with the ground. Fortunately, Senn (Justin Long) finds them and takes them to the elders.
• Mala awakens to find Giddy being tortured by Terrian scientists attempting to get information from him. She stops the torture and used logic to get him to help them against Earth force.
• Back on the Ark, General Hemmer has ordered Stanton to lead the assault team as they launch the Terraforming Device. He agrees, but it seems he’s up to something.
• No ready to defend themselves with Giddy’s information, the Terrian elders bring long-mothballed attack fighters into service. They are fueled and powered up. Mala and Senn will lead the defensive attack.
• As Stanton’s team approaches, the Terrians unleash their defensive strike way out numbering the Earth Force team. The Terraforming Device lands on Terra and begins operations. General Hemmer is in command. He orders the machine be taken to full throttle in the production of oxygen. There are roughly 12 minutes before the process will be irreversible and all Terrians will be dead.
• The aerial battle continues, but as Hemmer gets closer to meeting his goal, he launches another attack force. This one is now too much for the Terrians who star losing ships and pilots right and then left. Mala stays in the game taking out Earth Force fighters. Senn has a clear shot at the main tower fo the Terraformer, but a fighter is on his tail. It turns out to be Stanton. Mala comes to help, but Senn gets shot down. Mala replace him in the mission for the main tower which Giddy told them they must hit to destroy it. When Stanton sees the other pilot is Mala, he freezes. Eventually, he decided to go for the tower himself. He launches his missiles at the tower and flies a suicide mission. His strike blows up the command center incinerating General Hemmer and his crew along with Stanton. Mala is very sad. The Terraformer felt into pieces and the atmosphere started to change back to its original composition with the flames of the burning Terraformer consuming a lot of it.
• Mala lands her craft and is greeted by Elders and Senn who wish to honor her destruction of the machine. She gives all the credit, and rightly so, to James. But, she is sad, for now it seems that all humanity is lost. The Elder tells her that there is always hope.
• The next thing you know, Senn and Mala are ount flying again. But, in the horizon you can see a dome. They meet up with Stuart Stanton and follow him straight to the newly constructed biodome. It bears a lot of similarity to the oxygen tent Mala made for Jim upon first rescuing him. Inside the dome, humanity is rebuilding, and at the center, they are erecting a new statue of James Stanton to honor his sacrifice for the Terrians. Inside, a Terrian Elder converses with the people’s president. It is clear that, for now, humanity, has found a new home and friend.

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