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The Haunting of Connecticut (2009) [PG-13]
W.I.P. Scale™ Rating: $11.25

| Released on: 3/27/2009 | Running Time: 92 minutes |
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During or After the Credits: There is someing to see, read below!

Directed by: Peter Cornwell (Ward 13)
Written by: Adam Simon (Bones) and Tim Metcalfe (Bones)
Unsung Member of the Crew: A Camera Operator – Brad Vos

Featured Cast: (where you might remember him/her from)
Virginia Madsen (The Number 23) • Kyle Gallner ("Big Love" ) • Martin Donovan ("Ghost Whisperer") • Amanda Crew (Sex Drive) • Elias Koteas (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) • Sophi Knight (Empty Room) • Ty Wood (New in Town) • Erik J. Berg (Halley's Comet )

Spoiler Points for The Haunting of Connecticut (2009)

If halfway through The Haunting in Connecticut, you stared up at the ceiling fans and witnesses an ectoplasmic entity emerging from its spinning blades causing you to rush for the emergency exit, then this spoiler is for you.

First off as promised in the non-spoiler review it will be revealed now that the film does have a very happy ending.

Making Sense of the Film’s Story...
• So, Matt Campbell (Kyle Gallner) theoretically due to the fact that he has but months to live (he’s got cancer) can see ghosts. When his mom Sara (Virginia Madsen) moves the family to a home that used to be a mortuary – a detail she chooses not to share at the time – the spirit of Jonah (Erik J. Berg) begins to haunt him.
• Lots of spooky stuff happens, and via flashbacks and Matt’s visions plus info we learn from the local library where Wendy (Amanda Crew), Matt’s aunt, takes him to get to the bottom of the house and the visions he’s having, we learn that Jonah was a powerful medium as a young boy. He was being used to help people contact their deceased loved ones by Ramsey Aickman (John Bluethner), the same curator and owner of the mortuary where they now live.
• In piecing it all together, it turns out that Jonah is actually the only thing standing between the Campbell family and the ghosts of hundreds of people that Aickman had removed from a cemetery because he thought he was on to a way to live forever.
• Not realizing the full scope of the problem, the Reverend Popescu (Elisa Koteas) thinks he’s helping the family as he removed Jonas ashes from the home. Unfortunately, that’s when they discover that Jonah has been trying to help them and warn them leaving Matt alone to defend the house. Which he does. He barracades himself in figuring he’s going to die anyway, and begins hacking open the walls and revealing the bodies of those moved from the cemetery. The house, in fact, has dozens and dozens of bodies in the walls, in the crawl spaces, and so on. They are preserved. He sets the house on fire figuring that burning it to the ground will set the spirits free. He’ll die along with them. The spirits start to collect around him, but his mom rushes in to save him. Firefighters eventually pull them out. Paramedics revive him.
•A voice over of Sara comes on. She says, “I don’t care if anyone believes.” Matt is now suddenly cured of cancer and is fully recovered.

Note: During the credits, there are photos of the old house are shown.

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