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Angels & Demons (2009) [PG-13]
W.I.P. Scale™ Rating: $13.00

| Released on: 5/15/2009 | Running Time: 140 minutes |
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Directed by: Ron Howard (Frost/Nixon)
Written by: David Koepp (Ghost Town) and Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend)
Based on the Book, Angels and Demons
by Dan Brown
Unsung Member of the Crew: Digital Colorist – Steve Bowen

Featured Cast: (where you might remember him/her from)
Tom Hanks (The Great Buck Howard) • Ewan McGregor (Deception) • Ayelet Zurer (Vantage Point) • David Pasquesi (Leatherheads) • Stellan Skarsgård (Mamma Mia!) • Victor Alfieri (My Sexiest Year) • Pierfrancesco Favino (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian) • Armin Mueller-Stahl (The International)

Spoiler Points for Angels & Demons (2009)

If your anti-matter started to itch or you longed for the return of Tom Hanks’s mullet mid-film and missed the ending to Angels & Demons, then this spoiler is for you.

• One by one, the Preferiti, are killed in the order of earth, wind, fire, and then water. As Langdon solves the mystery of the location of the fourth church, he arrives at the fountain in time to see the kidnapper dump the fourth Cardinal into the fountain bound to a dolly and weighted down with free weights.
• Langdon dives in to save the Cardinal eventually having to feed him a fountain bubbler tube until some local people finally dive in to help him get the Cardinal out alive.
• He asks the Cardinal where he was being held. He tells him at the Castel Sant'Angelo. Langdon rushes off to find it realizing this is where the anti-matter bomb must be hidden. He and Vittoria search and search for it. The guards sent to help eventually abandon them leaving them to find it on their own. They find a secret passageway, and eventually they come upon the kidnapper. The kidnapper leaves them alive with the promise that they won’t follow him. When he gets into his getaway car later it explodes when he turns the ignition.
• Langdon and Vittoria follow the path to the Vatican. There they rush to find the Camerlengo. They tell the guards outside his office that he’s in grave danger as he is the next target. They bust into the room to find Commander Richter (Stellan Skarsgård) holding gun on him. The Camerlengo (Ewan McGregor) immediately urges them to shoot the Commander \calling him Illuminati which they do. Langdon realizes that the the symbol branded on Camerlengo (crossed keys, but upside down) is a sign that they should search St. Peter’s tomb for the anti-matter bomb. They follow him and find the bomb.
• But Vittoria Vetra is unable to change the battery and keep the bomb from going off. She claims that bateries sometimes lose power in the cold and they might not have 5 minutes. So, the Camerlengo grabs the container and runs off. He forces the pilot of a helicopter out of the seat and flies it himself to an elevation he believes would be safe. The helicopter explodes in a blinding flash. The Camerlengo managed to parachute out just in time. The explosion was so powerful it rocked much of Rome and caused minor damage.
• The Camerlengo’s bravery, is viewed by the Cardinal College as a sign from God that he is meant to be the next Pope. They are prepared to vote for him even though he has never been a Cardinal.
• Langdon and Vetra have coffee. She says her biggest worry was that their work would fall into the hands of big Energy. Langdon urges her to return to do the good work and save the world.
• The Cardinals send for the Camerlengo to join them.
• Vetra wants the journals of her friend the dead priest. As she digs around in Commander Richter’s desk, she finds a hidden panel and recovers the journals. Langdon wonders about the events and the key that was in Commander Richter’s hands when he died. He uses the key to unlock a video that plays back the events of the room where the Camerlengo was branded and Richter was shot. The video reveals the Camerlengo Patrick McKenna taunting Richter and admitting he killed the Pope and leads the Illuminati who are determined to keep God in the picture. The plan all along was to get himself appointed to be the next Pope so he could ensure a new kind of church that wouldn’t be so open to the science of the future. In fact, Patrick has planned every step of this action from the beginning. Langdon and Vetra sho the video to Cardinal Strauss (Armin Mueller-Stahl) who is outraged. When Patrick arrives in the Conclave, he is greeted with icy stares by the Cardinals. He suspects something is up and flees. Langdon pursues but is unable to prevent Patrick from dousing himself in candle oil and setting himself on fire.
• White smoke leaves the Vatican smokestack revealing to the world that a new Pope has been chosen. Cardinal Strauss is the new Camerlengo for the new Pope who was the original most favored of the Preferiti and saved by Langdon. The new Pope has selected to be known as Pope Luke. Strauss gives Langdon a present in thanks for all he’s done for the Vatican. Landon opens it to find it’s the Galileo manuscript he needs to complete his next book. Strauss asks him to leave it back to the church in his will. Pope Luke was a physician and blends science and religion together in one body bringing a new dimension to the papacy.

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