Big Momma's House 2

Big Mamma's House 2
Big Mamma's House 2
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Bonus Review #6
Film: Big Momma’s House 2 [PG-13] 99 minutes
WIP: $9.75
When 1st Seen: 28 January 2006
Where Viewed: Loews Cineplex Factoria, Bellevue, WA
Time: 7:30 p.m.

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To be fair, I did not see Big Momma’s House. So, I had no idea what to expect from Big Momma’s House 2. I don’t know how much, if at all, the two stories depend on each other. From my vantage point, not too much, because I fully understood what was going on in BMH2—which would not be the case in say, Matrix II: Reloaded. Here is the low down on BMH2—and fitting I think that I should see two (2) films prominently featuring Nannies who change the lives of children in the same day.

In this film, directed by John Whitesell (director of Malibu’s Most Wanted), we have the highly underrated Martin Lawrence playing a down-and-out FBI agent, Malcolm Turner, who has been relegated to the sidelines of the Public Relations Dept. at the request of his wife, Sherry Turner (played by Nia Long) who is expecting a child and, hence, does not want him doing anything dangerous. Well, sure enough, he’s bored portraying Goldy, the Safety Eagle, at middle school assemblies and finds himself soon enough putting on his Big Momma persona and getting a job as a nanny for the Fuller family to investigate the father, Tom Fuller (Mark Moses), as he seems to be involved in the mysterious death of his first FBI partner. From the moment of his first encounter with Leah Fuller (Emily Proctor) when he swiftly eliminates the competition from the group nanny interview using his keen FBI skills, this movie becomes something a little different than it seems it might have started out as when first conceived. This is much more than a vehicle for Martin Lawrence to milk more money out of his Big Momma drag act. This becomes a movie about many upper middle class families in America today where the parents or guardians become so overly involved in their own lives they have little if anything to do with the lives of their children. This film becomes far less about Malcolm Turner’s investigation into the potentially catastrophic back door worm being created by a hacker to burrow into the government’s computer systems at Tom Fuller’s company and much more about how Molly, Carrie, and Andrew get their parents back. Personally, I think this is a very important story for today’s working parents and guardians to see. Certainly, it is important to afford those children whose lives are in one’s hands with every opportunity to be successful, explore talents, and access everything needed to achieve, but not at the expense of not being a part of their daily lives. Malcolm Turner’s Big Momma models, sometimes without even realizing it, what it means to be a truly loving parent. As for 2006, this is the first movie of the year that made me laugh out loud really hard. And, the kids in the audience as well as other grown ups were laughing too. I cannot fathom how difficult it must have been for Martin Lawrence to act this well inside this gigantic Big Momma costume and rubberized head. The physical stunts must have been incredibly challenging due to the size and the heat inside. In the end, though, it is well worth the effort for this is a rare comedy that might just be appropriate for most families to see together. According to CARA (Classification and Ratings Administration the film got a PG-13 rating for “some sexual humor and a humorous drug reference”. By today’s standards I would say this was extremely mild compared to what the average kid sees in most hours of prime time television. In any case, I really had fun at this movie. I thought Martin Lawrence was fantastic, I thought it showed great family values in a way that wasn’t preachy, and I hope other people who didn’t see Big Momma’s House 1 will give 2 a try.

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