Spoiler Points for The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

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Spoiler Points for The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) [PG-13] 111 minutes
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Ok, so here's the big mystery to The Bourned Ultimatum…Blackbriar is a super top secret division of the CIA that has authorization to operate without government red tape. Huh? How can a government organization run without red tape? Isn't that the point of the red tape—to keep the government in check? Well not Blackbriar. Blackbriar has been set up to allow one man, in this case, Noah Vosen (David Strathairn) complete authority to eliminate any person he perceives to be a threat to the security of the United States. Any person, any where, any time without regard for the consequences, which, theoretically, there won't be any since the agency hires professional killers to do the jobs at a moment's notice. Since these are the only people who know about it and they're killers, they're not going to tell anyone. Well, it also turns out that this operation is the descendent of the special operation that turned the voluntary David Webb into Jason Bourne. His memory wiped and his training installed by the 'certainly well-meaning' Dr. Albert Hirsch (Albert Finney) whom Bourne/Webb finally meets face-to-face in the film's exciting climatic conclusion. Hirsch and Vosen go way back to the creation of Bourne, despite the fact that Vosen claims to nothing about Bourne.

Unfortunately for Hirsch and Vosen, they trained Bourne too well. He's the only person on the planet capable of bringing them both down. He dispatches, or nearly so, everyone that Vosen sends after him. The excitement begins in London's Waterloo Station with a crowd of commuters and a C.I.A.-wanted reported. Jason cleverly guides the reporter via pre-paid, untraceable cell phone throughout the station saving his life at every turn until, finally, the reporter can take it no more and attempts to flee ignoring Jason's directives. A hired sharpshooter (affectionately referred to as 'the asset' by Vogel's team back in NYC) guns him down in a nanosecond. On him, however, are notes that help Bourne take the next step to Madrid. There, the sources will be revealed both for who made Bourne and what Blackbriar is all about. In Madrid, Bourne tracks down the apartment of the local director whose cover is an investment banking firm he found in the reporter's notes. Things have been getting too hot for him lately (especially after he's the one who turned over the Blackbriar notes to the English reporter), and he has decided to get out and take $100,000 with him. As Pamela Landy (Joan Allen) has been called in to help catch Bourne, she surmises that Bourne was not the reporter's source, and helps Vosen track him to Madrid. Operatives are dispatched, which Bourne cleverly takes out just as the coincidenatlly re-assigned, Nicky Parson's shows up unexpectedly. She helps Bourne escape, and the two flee for Tangiers to catch up and roll the director. Of course, Landy manages again to help them trace Bourne, and despite a momentary upper hand, Bourne and Parsons seem doomed as the 'asset' from Casa Blanca arrives to do the dirty work of killing all three. This is where Landy starts to lose it. She sees no reason to kill Parsons, but Vosen is convinced, without hard evidence, that Parsons is aiding Bourne and in on this entire conspiracy. His paranoia is as deadly as is his unchecked power to do whatever he pleases, order the assassination of anyone, at anytime, anywhere. Landy storms out of the operations office as 'the asset' is ready to complete his mission to kill the director plus two more. Well, this wouldn't be The Bourne Ultimatum, if Bourne and Parsons didn't escape death and use the asset's phone to text in their erroneous demise. Now wanted by the C.I.A., Parsons knows she must go into hiding. Bourne, on the other hand, is armed with all he needs to return home to the secret operations HQ of the C.I.A. branch that made him in the first place.

Using one of his few last, remaining fake passports, he heads back to the states. The passport, however, is not off the grid, and Landy is notified that Bourne is back in business and not dead after all despite what Vosen thinks. The next thing we know, Bourne has landed. Using some trickery and support from Landy, who has now changed sides, Bourne cleverly gets into Noah Vosen's safe and extracts all he needs to know to bring down the special ops that created him and this rogue, shady government agency.

Jason Bourne finally, after the film's final adrenaline stirring car and foot chase, arrives at the building where he was turned. Meeting up with Landry who passed him the location using a coded message over her phone, he gives her the materials he swiped from Vosen's safe asking her to use it to bring about some change in the government secret intelligence programs. He then proceeds into the building and ends up face-to-face with Dr. Hirsch. He doesn’t kill him, though he wants too, because he doesn't want to give him the satisfaction of a hero's burial and star on the wall at Langley, so he claims. Now knowing that he is really David Webb, and Jason Bourne no more, he flees again. Vosen's men get another crack at killing him, but he jumps into the East River off the 8-story building's roof. He's presumed dead. But we see him move and swim away apparently to live another day. Meanwhile, Landy faxes the materials to the media causing a firestorm against the government organization that has been assassinating its own citizens and operatives to keep them quiet.

Exciting and action-packed with some of the most well-choreographed foot and car chases on top of fight scenes in a movie so far this year, The Bourne Ultimatum turned out to be a whole lot of fun if you like these kinds of things. The disappointing aspect was that we didn't get to see what Bourne does next or if he's able to have a real life. It would have been sweet justice to see him in a small town in Costa Rica, growing bananas, and living the life with Nicky Parsons and their little Webb-lings.

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