Spoiler Points for Skinwalkers (2007)

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Spoiler Points for Skinwalkers (2007) [PG-13] 110 minutes
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Directed by: James Isaac (Jason X)
Written by: James DeMonaco (Assault on Precinct 13) • Todd Harthan (debut) • James Roday (debut)

Featured Cast (Where You Might Remember Him/Her From):
Jason Behr (The Grudge) • Elias Koteas (Shooter) • Rhona Mitra (The Number 23) • Kim Coates (Silent Hill) • Natassia Malthe (DOA: Dead or Alive) • Matthew Knight (The Grudge 2) • Sarah Carter (Haven) • Tom Jackson (Dream Storm) • Rogue Johnston (Get Rich or Die Tryin') • Barbara Gordon (Neil) • Shawn Roberts (Cheaper by the Dozen 2) • Lyriq Bent (Saw III)

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Well, the big twist for this plot versus other werewolf movies is that there are two types of werewolves: the kind that love their inner wolf nature and live to feed, each full moon when they change into beasts at night, on the flesh of humans whom they find to be despicable, weak, and diseased creatures, and the kind that feels they are cursed by this inner beast and loathe the idea of harming humans when their rage controls them. So, the latter spends the evenings under the full moon strapped up in restraints to prevent them from getting loose and killing. Their salvation, they hope comes in the form of a legendary child half human / half skinwalker whose blood will contain the ability to set them free of the curse once and for all if he lives, that is to his 13th birthday.

The child, Tim, has managed to live protected from his true identity in a small town called Huguenot. The entire town is made of this sect of skinwalkers led by Tim's uncle Jonas. Even Tim's mother, who obviously is not a skinwalker, is in the dark about the true nature of her son or her in-laws and townsfolk. A Native American friend helps them strap up each month during the full moon to stay safe from themselves as he claims his people have done for centuries. But, as it gets closer to his 13th birthday, he starts to have weird dreams and night sweats. And the moon is shining a deep blood red, all part of the prophecy. So, the flesh eaters have made it their mission to find him and kill him to end the threat to their existence. The leader of the pack that descends on Huguenot to kill Tim, is Varek, who just so happens to be Jonas's long-thought-dead brother and the father of Tim! Tim's mother, Rachel, has also been kept in the dark, and was told that her husband was killed. So, imagine her surprise to learn that her husband is not dead after all, but then later that he is a blood thirsty skinwalker who would kill her and Tim just as he would any other meal on the night of a full moon.

Fortunately, Jonas has been prepared for every eventuality including that the bad sect would discover their location. So, when they arrive, they are alerted and immediately go into lockdown protection to keep Tim alive. They escape in a giant truck outfitted for their survival escape loosing only one to Varek's pack (the unlucky victim was Nana, Tim's paternal grandmother who gave her life to save her grandson). As they flee town, they know they will have to try to get as far away as fast as possible as Varek will be in hot pursuit and using his falcon friend to track them. Rachel has a hard time accepting any of this, so that night, Jonas has her stay in the back of the truck and watch the transformation so she can understand what they have been trying to protect her and Tim from, and why they had to say that her husband was dead.

Unfortunately, Rachel's character is fairly poorly written, and she says some pretty dumb things and apparently, some part of her would prefer to be a werewolf and eat flesh with her husband if she were given the choice. She also has some dubious notion that she could do a better job of protecting Tim on her own. She's bizarre and sometimes not too bright.

On their second day on the run, Tim starts to get very ill, so they take him to a hospital. His blood has weird stuff going on inside it that they doctors cannot explain. Tim comes on to the nurse with some unexpectedly flirtatious banter and the excuse that he's almost 13, but it's all broken up when Varek's pack assaults the hospital with the intention of capturing and killing Tim. Things come to a head when Varek captures Jonah's daughter and offers to free her for the boy. This is when Jonas reveals to Varek this isn't just any boy, it's his son, and suddenly the stakes go up. Unfortunately, Varek isn't interested in protecting his son, or so he claims to his fellow skinwalkers, he wants to end the legend and the boy's life. Well, down a few and having had to leave his daughter behind in the hands of Varek, the group narrowly escapes again from Varek's hands. They head for the stronghold where Jonas feels they can safely stay until Tim turns 13. Jonas does not plan for two things though. First, he does not expect that Adam (his daughter's boyfriend) will leave the stronghold to go back for his daughter and try to save her, nor does he plan for the fact that Varek will turn his daughter into one of them by allowing her to feed that night. So, when Adam comes back with the rescued Sarah in tow, he is relieved and proud. That night, however, he learns what a terrible mistake he has made. The only people to survive her attack are Rachel, Tim, and Jonas. They narrowly escape in the truck to an abandoned steel mill. There, Jonas sets Rachel and Tim up in a steel cage in hopes they will be able to lock themselves in and prevent any attacks from either himself once he turns or Varek's pack when they show up, and he knows they will show up. Rachel dubiously accepts the plan and his request that she shoot him if she needs to protect Tim. She locks the cage and holds Tim tightly. Of course, Varek's pack show up as they know this is their last chance to kill the boy and preserve their way of life. Jonas kills one dude with a shotgun, leaving just Varek and his girlfriend. She finds the cage where Rachel and Tim are hiding and breaks in from the top when she falls on the roof grate. Rachel shoots her and eventually kills her, but then decides the best thing to do is get out of there. Her 'brilliance' is shocking. So, she and Tim run right out into the middle of the fight between the brothers. Things don't look so good for Jonas in the fight which goes, of course, back and forth. He eventually subdues Jonas and then goes for the boy. He bites him on the neck, but Rachel shoots him and knocks him down. She and Tim watch him transform back into the relatively handsome husband and father she once knew. Tim's blood, apparently, works, and Varek is relieved of his curse. They flee to a motel and begin to set up shop for curing skinwalkers of their curse using Tim's blood. Turns out that in order to end the curse, the werewolf has to be injected with Tim's blood, not like they were hoping that some magic wave would sweep the globe converting them all back into ordinary people. So, Tim's life will always be in danger and a sequel is set up. Hopefully the sequel will go straight to DVD and Download as it's difficult to imagine it could be any better than the original which probably should have done the same.

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