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Spoiler Points for 27 Dresses (2008) [PG-13] 107 minutes
WIP™ Scale: $9.75
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Spoiler Points:
• Jane (Katherine Heigl) is a wedding-aholic. She has attended 26 wedding in the past few years and has all the bridesmaid dresses in her closet to prove it. She has an enormous crush on her boss, George (Edward Burns), about which everyone in the office knows except, apparently George. Her closest friend, Casey (Judy Greer) tries to get her to approach George, but she just keeps pining away for him and hoping he'll just come to the right conclusion. Which he might have, eventually, were it not for the arrival of Jane's sister Tess (Malin Akerman).
• Tess is beautiful and newly available. She's back in NYC to visit her sister and father. Their mother died when they were young, so Jane and her father raised Tess.
• On an evening of dual commitments (two weddings)--Jane finds herself cabbing back and forth between Manhattan and Brooklyn to be in both—a dashing young man named Kevin (James Marsden) comes to her aid when the night of rushing back and forth and changing outfits so many times causes her to get dizzy and then knocked unconscious during a thwarted attempt to catch the bouquet. He 'rescues' her and instantly feels a connection. She, however, after hearing his opinions of weddings, finds him insufferable and wishes he'd just disappear. Which he might have had to do, were it not for the fact that she left her file-o-fax in the cab they shared to her apartment later that evening. Scooping it up, he finds a window into her life and insight he'd never imagined.
• In her apartment, Tess catches her with clippings from the newspaper about great weddings all written by the same columnist, Malcolm Doyle of the New York Journal. Tess teases her about saving these.
• Soon after, the inevitable happens, and her boss meets and falls for Tess at a bridal shower for the front desk receptionist. The two hit it off and, immediately, Tess begins to set in motion the wave toward marriage under Jane's watchful and resentful eye. Jane is resentful also because she knows that Tess is being dishonest about her personal life choices just to impress George. She's no vegetarian.
• In possession of Jane's inner workings, Kevin, who admits to being a writer, pitches a story to his editor at the New York Journal about a woman who's been a bridesmaid 27 times. He sees it as his story to get out of The Commitments section of the paper where he's been stuck for a long time despite much higher aspirations. She balks, but he proceeds to work on the story and Jane at the same time. He likewise returns Jane's file-o-fax to her and hopes to hang around and get to know her better. She wants little to do with him.
• Once George proposes to Tess, the New York gossip circles light up, and the city's pre-eminent writer of marriage stories for the NYJ, Malcolm Doyle, is called in to cover their wedding. When he shows up to interview Tess and George, he runs into Jane who realizes that the cynical guy she's been ignoring, is Kevin. He maintains he uses the pseudonym for his byline to keep the pestering brides at bay from his personal life. She feels lied to, but really, she's mad at herself because she believed his wedding stories and now knows them to have been written by the worst cynic toward marriage and wedding she's ever met.
• He shows up at her apartment under the auspice of interviewing her regarding her sister's wedding, and finds himself shortly thereafter immersed in a fashion show of her 27 dresses. He takes photos of each along the way as if fascinated by her. Which he really is, but part of him is also thinking about how this will play out in his story. [This part is really cute and fun. It works on well on many levels. It's too bad more fo the film were not like this.]
• Kevin writes up his story but feels its not quite done. His editor disagrees and plans to run the story. He begs for one more week, and she agrees. He then heads up to try to find Jane. She's at a wedding reception dinner tasting for Tess with George. When he arrives, he sees them together and it just clicks. He suddenly realizes that she's had a crush on George and her behavior is due to the terrible position of having to plan her dream wedding with her dream man only she's not in the dream, it's her sister. Kevin manages to convince her to let him be the one to go with her to look at some furniture for the newlyweds.
• On the drive, they have time to talk, or mostly argue; and, eventually, in the heat of an argument, she hydroplanes the car off the road into a ditch in the middle of a torrential rainstorm. With the car stuck and no cell phone service, they find a local bar to warm up in. Soon after quite a few drinks, they are singing to the chorus of the entire bar "Benny and the Jets". Back at the car after, they get to know each other a little better. Jane wakes up with a kink in her neck in the car and happy Kevin delivering coffee and with news of a tow truck on the way.
• At breakfast, unfortunately, the waitress recognizes her as the bridesmaid in Malcolm Doyle's section cover story. When she sees it and the photos, she's crushed. How could Kevin do this to her? He's also upset because he thought he had a week to finish is and to let her know it was coming out—not that she would have been pleased either way. Tess is upset because, in the article, she's made out to be Bridezilla.
• This event combined with Tess's toying with reality as to how compatible she and George are and the fact that Tess destroyed their mother's wedding dress combining pieces of it with her atrocious new wedding dress, finally push Jane over the edge. It all comes out badly when she delivers the Tess and George Photo Slide show in front of their entire families. While sticking to the perfectly written script Tess made her swear to stick to so as not to embarrass her again, she uses unflattering photos of Tess that show Tess's true colors including one of her gorging down beef ribs with her engagement ring clearly visible on her hand. As silence befalls the gathering, Edward leaves. Tess returns shouting angrily that the wedding's off because of her. Casey mentions that this probably wasn't the right thing to do or she's feel better than she does. As she leaves the restaurant feeling quite badly, she runs into Kevin who claims it was the bravest thing he's ever seen. He said he went to the event because it was the first time in a long time he'd ever wanted to be there to support someone else. He gives her a Blackberry to help her organize her life minus the antiquated file-o-fax, then he leaves her, theoretically forever.
• Back at the office, George calls Jane in to see how she is. He's forgiven her and is happy that he didn't end up marrying the wrong woman. He says he's grateful that she's around because she never says 'no' to him. This sparks a realization in her that she's got to quit. She quits, one thing leads to another, they kiss, there's no chemistry, she realizes she's grown out of the job and her need to be by his side when there's really no chemistry, so she leaves to find Kevin. She finds he's covering a wedding at the South Street Seaport. She arrives just in time to leap onto the boat as it's pulling away. The bride recognizes her from the article and gets her to speak over the microphone to Kevin. She professes her love to him, they kiss, and a year later, they are getting married on the beach in a truly lovely ceremony. All of Jane's previous brides were invited to be the bridesmaids, and they all wore the dresses from their own weddings.

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