Spoiler Points for The Bucket List (2007)

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Spoiler Points for The Bucket List (2008) [PG-13] 97 minutes
WIP™ Scale: $13.75
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Spoiler Points:
About the coffee in The Bucket List
• Throughout the film, there is tension between Edward (Jack Nicholson) and Carter (Morgan Freeman). Carter won't touch the stuff and Edward assumes it due to some level of anti-snobbery. Eventually, though, Carter gets to "laugh until he cries"—an item on their "Bucket List"—when he shares with Edward the origins of his beloved coffee.
• It's called Kopi Luwak.
• Research done for you already on the web reveals from credible sources that the coffee is real. The coffee fruit is collected at its ripest by an animal called an Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). The animal digests off all the layers of the coffee fruit, but its digestive system, as is common, cannot digest the seeds (coffee beans). Then, the feces are collected by people. The beans are removed in the washing process and roasted. So, yes, some would say, "Yuck" to Kopi Luwak.
• Probably something most people could live the rest of their lives not knowing, right?
Plot Points of Interest and the Ending:
• Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) reveals to Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) that he has a daughter and the reason for their estrangement. His daughter married a guy whom Edward did not approve. The guy used her as a punching bag whenever he got drunk, so Edward had him 'taken care of'. She was so furious she vowed never to see him again.
• Near what becomes the end of their globetrotting, Edward sets Carter up with a beautiful woman. She's so elegant and gorgeous and knowledgeable about everything he enjoys. He eventually declines her invitation to visit her room realizing that he's committed to his wife. Later he realizes she was a set up. And he realizes it's time to go home.
• On the way home Thomas (Sean Hayes) has the limo driver stop in front of Edward's daughter's house. When he sees her through the window he throws a tantrum. He ends up leaving Thomas and Carter there to catch a cab home he's so furious.
• Carter doesn't key into his home, he rings the bell and is greeted with open arms by his wife Virginia (Beverly Todd). Over the next few days, he has dinner with his family and lots of love. Edward returns to his concrete home and microwave meals, one of which he has to beat open with his fist.
• Shortly thereafter, in the evening, just before Carter is about to get lucky with his wife Virginia (Beverly Todd), his cancer takes over his brain, and she finds him writhing on the floor. At the hospital before his surgery, Virginia gives Edward a letter from Carter to read in case he doesn't survive the operations. Sadly, despite all of the best doctors Edward's money could afford, Carter dies during surgery.
• Edward reads the letter and all it asks is that he find the joy in his life. He then goes and visits his daughter and learns he is now a grandfather. He kisses the little girl and crosses "kiss most beautiful girl in the world" off their "Bucket List".
• Edward is invited to speak at Carter's funeral service and he gives a lasting and beautiful speech—get the handkerchiefs ready. He says some truly lovely things like, "I lived more during Carter's last three months of life than I've lived in my entire life." He says he loved him, and he changed his life. He crosses off "helping a complete stranger for the greater good" off their "Bucket List".
• Next we return to Morgan Freeman's voice over illuminating the changes in Edward's life and to a guy hiking up a mountain in the Himalayas. When he reaches the summit, he pulls off his goggles to reveal, it's Thomas (Sean Hayes). He stops in front of a little stone crypt, opens the back hinge and reveals it contains one Chock Full o' Nuts coffee can filled with Carter's ashes. Thomas opens the backpack and pulls out a second can containing Edward's ashes and sets it next to the first can. He then crosses off, "See something majestic" off their list.

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