Spoiler Points for Over Her Dead Body (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Over Her Dead Body (2008) [PG-13] 95 minutes
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Spoiler Points:
• The ice sculptor (Stephen Root) dies in a drunken-driving accident and is sent back to earth to properly guide Kate (Eva Longoria Parker) in her mission—since she failed to let the guide angel explain the rules and mission to her after-life.
• Just as soon as Ashley (Lake Bell) and Henry (Paul Rudd) are officially broken up—he's so angry at his sister Chloe (Lindsay Sloane) and Ashley for using Kate's diary to convince him Ashley was in contact with Kate (now he'd never believe she actually was in contact with Kate and not just any contact but ghostly contact)—Dan (Jason Biggs) outs himself as being straight and in love with Ashley. So in love, in fact, he's been willing to pretend to be gay for 5 years just to be close to her even though he hates his hair cut, hates to cook, and hates to give people fashion advice—none of which is supposed to be gay stereotypes or anything. Ashley is taken aback at first by Dan's deception—especially since the two have apparently (falling into the category of T.M.I.) taken bubble baths together—but then she caves when he gives her the "who else has sacrificed so much to prove their love to you" sappy speech that apparently she falls for and the two plan a trip to Vegas. What? Ok?
• Between the time of the Vegas plan and Kate and Dan getting to the airport, Kate finds that Henry is not happy. She runs into the Sculptor who this time tells her that her mission is not complete or she wouldn't still be here. He then guides her to her real mission which is to make Henry happy, not to keep him from Ashley. His work done, he fades away. She zips over to Henry's apartment and talks through the parrot convincing him to go to the airport to get Ashley before she goes to Las Vegas with Dan.
• He arrives, parrot in hand, at the airport and catches her just before she boards the plane. Kate tells Ashley she's sorry and wants her to be with Henry after all. Poor Dan is left holding the bag again as Ashley commits back to Henry smooching him passionately for 15 minutes—well that's an exaggeration—while an on-looking dude tries to convince Dan the two would have a lot of fun together in Vegas getting to know one another.
• At Ashley and Henry's wedding, Dan is observed hooking up with Henry's sister just before Ashley stops everything and consults with Kate one last time. Kate exits the chapel and fades away. Henry and Ashley emerge in love. Dan and Chloe step out looking hopeful.
• Kate appears in the white room again and told she need only turn over the orbs of life she was to have collected from each of her loved ones before moving on. When she doesn't have them, the spirit fades leaving her to figure out what to do next.

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