Spoiler Points for College (2008)

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Spoiler Points for College (2008) [R] 94 minutes
WIP™ Scale: $3.25
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Spoiler Points for the ending of College
In the interest of keeping it clean, Kevin Brewer (Drake Bell) and his buddies Morris (Kevin Covais) and Carter (Andrew Caldwell), after being picked on for an entire weekend by the frat bros of Teague (Nick Zano), Cooper (Zach Cregger), and Bearcat (Gary Owen), mastermind their ultimate revenge on the "Animal House". They are a huge success and end up with the girls as in Kendall (Haley Bennett), Heather (Camilla Mana), and Amy (Nathalie Walker).

If you want more of a spoiler than that, well, I'm sorry, I tried to forget as much of this movie as I could as it went along. This is the kind of thing you don't want to have stuck in your head for very long for fear of brain putrification let alone atrophy.

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