Spoiler Points for Igor (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Igor (2008) [PG-13] 110 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Igor[note: this part is quoted from the review. If you've read that already, skip down to the new part below.]
• In the past, the thriving and beautiful Kingdom of Malaria became engulfed in clouds, blocking the sun, preventing the fun, and wrecking the economy.
• King Malbert (voiced by Jay Leno) decided Malaria would become the home of the world's greatest evil scientists who would compete on an annual basis to win the evil science fair by building the world's most evil inventions of mass destruction. To make income, then, the world would pay Malaria billions of dollars not to unleash these evil devices. As time passed, evil scientists arose from the landscape in their castle-like towers to build their nasty inventions, each one assisted by a hunch-backed little person called Igor—all Igors are called Igor because what else would they be called. Their masters constantly abuse these little second-class citizens mentally and physically. If they mess up or challenge authority, they are fed down a system of underground tubes to a machine that recycles their body parts.
• Among the Igors, though, there is one very special Igor, named Igor (voiced by John Cusack), who aspires to become an evil scientist, because being an evil scientist is the goal of every small child in Malaria. He dabbles in inventions and creates his own sidekicks: Scamper (voiced by Steve Buscemi)—an immortal rabbit who cannot kill himself despite trying 100s and 100s of clever ways—and Brain (voiced by Sean Hayes)—basically a brain in a jar hooked to a robotic arm and whose brain is perhaps not as brainy as one might have hoped. He doesn't want his evil scientist to discover his inventions for obvious reasons; he's an Igor, and he doesn't want to be recycled.
• Fortunately or unfortunately depending on whose side you're on, his evil scientist is killed in a terrible lab accident. What's Igor to do? Well, he immediately sets out to utilize the laboratory to create his ultimate evil invention that will win the evil science fair and propel him, at last, to greatness and prove that Igors can be evil scientists too. His invention is to create life from scraps and make it evil and capable of destruction without human control.
• His invention works. She's a giant, monsterously grotesque woman of odd proportions who takes the name of Eva (voiced sweetly by Molly Shannon).
• Meanwhile, going on during this whole time, there's a evil Dr. Schadenfreude (voiced by Eddie Izzard) who admits freely to his girlfriend that he's been using her for years to steal the best invention of the year so he can win the evil science fair every year. Jaclyn (voiced by Jennifer Coolidge) takes great pride in her accomplishments and in helping Dr. Schadenfreude accomplish this string of victories. To keep her happy, he supplies her with pills that keep her looking young and beautiful, but also allow her to transform into other women. Turns out, she's the girlfriend of every evil scientist, that's how she steals their inventions. Well, of course, Igor's evil scientist's girlfriend, Heidi, has begun to wonder where he is, and also realizes that Igor is going to build his own invention that might turn out to be the best. So, this sets Dr. Schadenfreude on the course of trying to capture Igor's invention. But, Igor's invention has a problem. She's not evil. The 'evil' bone in her body hasn't been activated properly. So, trying to get her turn evil and winning the evil science fair becomes their collective goal.
• In order to try to get Eva to do evil, Igor gets the idea to take her and get her brainwashed. Unfortunately, Brain messes things up there and accidentally changes her programming so that she's turned into an actress.
• Back in the lab, Igor gets the idea that Eva could be the evil invention he wants if they trick her into thinking that the evil science fair is really just an audition for a part in "Annie". So, they prepare her and develop her costume and so on.
• All the while Dr. Schadenfreude and Jaclyn work to steal Eva.
• Eventually, they get their hands on her and Dr. Schadenfreude convinces her that Igor has lied to her, and that only he can make her the star she can be.
• During the evil science fair, he activates her 'evil' bone and she goes crazy.
• Scamper and Brain go to the top of King Malaria's tower and turn off the machine that Igor discovers is actually drawing in the clouds to cover Malaria.
• With the success of Eva, Dr. Schadenfreude claims himself the new king.
• But Eva doesn't stop, she's about to destroy the science fair arena, but just in the nick of time, Igor arrives to shut down her 'evil' bone.
• The clouds dissipate and Igor explains that King Malbert was lying all along.
• Igor is elected the new president of Malaria and he works to build a thriving arts community where Eva becomes the star of all the productions.

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