Spoiler Points for Nights in Rodanthe (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Nights in Rodanthe (2008) [PG-13] 97 minutes
WIP™ Scale: $12.00
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Spoiler for the Ending of Nights in Rodanthe
• So, Adrienne (Diane Lane) and Paul (Richard Gere) fall madly in love. But, of course, he's got to go to Ecuador to try and bring his son back; or, at least, reaffirm his love for his son.
• Adrienne's not happy about it, but she knows it's the right thing. Besides they can exchange love letters, and anyone who read The Bridges of Madison County knows what good that can do.
• Adrienne is so thrilled to have found a true soul mate, she lightens up on her kids, has fun, and really loves life. That is until…
• Paul's supposed to arrive home from South America. She recreates the meal of their first night together in the inn in Rodanthe. But, he doesn't show up for the meal. The airline won't give her any information.
• The next day, however, there's a knock on the door. It's not Paul. It's his son, Mark (James Franco) with a big box. Paul's dead. He was killed in a flood when they were trying to salvage supplies from the clinic. Paul was swept away by the torrentional mud slides that also destroyed the make-shift clinic.
• The box contains all of Paul's letters he received from Adrienne and other keepsakes of his father's.
• Mark thanks Adrienne for giving him back his father, for changing him and giving them both a life of unexpected purpose in Ecuador. Then, he leaves never to be heard from again.
• Adrienne immediately falls into a deep, deep, deep depression. She'll never see Paul again, and just when she was starting getting used to the idea of finally spending her days and nights with a true soul mate. Now, he's gone.
• She finds one last letter in the box from him to her that didn't get sent before his was killed. This makes it even worse on her. And her depression starts to affect the kids.
• Finally, a talk with her daughter, Amanda (Mae Whitman) leads here to start opening up about how she is feeling. Amanda is so mature and helpful, mostly she provides an non-judgmental listener.
• Things start to get back to usual.
• She takes the kids to Rodanthe and to the inn. She's out on the pier and says a final goodbye to Paul. Then as she's heading back in, the others spoilt off and she stays to roam around. Soon, the wild ponies, that never travel down this far come charging along the beach. She takes this as a sign Paul's nearby since he's the one who referenced this to her, "Someday, the ponies will come down this far just to see you."

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