Spoiler Points for Pride and Glory (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Pride and Glory (2008) [R] 125 minutes
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Spoiler Points for the ending of Pride and Glory

If you were sitting in your seat trying to decipher the Spanish & then worrying about whether or not you turned off the iron back home, so you fled to grab your trusty electronic translator & check on that steam iron, but returned to find you'd missed the dramatic conclusion to Pride and Glory, well this spoiler is for you!

• Coincidentally and simultaneously, Ray Tierney (Edward Norton) and Jimmy Egan (Colin Farrell) find out the location of Angel Tezo: Ray by hitting up a former informant against a chain-link fence and Jimmy by threatening to take a steam iron to Angel's cousin's baby.
• Ray arrives at the location after Jimmy. Too bad because Jimmy has already shoved his night stick down Angel's throat crushing his larynx. When Ray arrives in the room and sees what's going down, he tries to stop it. Jimmy takes Ray's gun and executes Angle point blank. Ray is astonished. He doesn't even know what to do. Jimmy basically tells him that all he has to do is tell Internal Affairs that he had to kill Angel.
• Ray eventually pieces together that Jimmy sent the four cops to an ambush and that's he's been operating above the law. Francis, Jr. (John Voight) tries to cover things up and preserve the family honor, but Ray won't hear of it even it brings down his brother, Francis, Jr., which it does.
• A couple of Jimmy's rogue cops hold up a convenience store. One gets killed and the other takes a hostage. Francis, Jr. and Ray are in route to pick up Jimmy. Francis goes to take care of his men, and Ray goes to Irish Eyes to find Jimmy. Francis eventually talks his man down. Ray and Jimmy go mano y mano until Ray cracks him over the head with a cue ball and gets him in cuffs. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to far because as Ray's walking him back to the car, they run into some unfriendly people who are delighted to seem him in handcuffs. They attack and eventually kill him. There is nothing that Ray can do to stop them. It's like a bunch of zombies feeding on human flesh. He gets what he deserves, but the audience deserved better!

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