Spoiler Points for Frost/Nixon (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Frost/Nixon (2008) [R] 122 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Frost/Nixon

If you thought that lump in your seat was an FBI-planted bug and left the theatre mid-film to ensure your escape from government scrutiny, this spoiler's for you.

• After securing the Richard Nixon (Frank Langella) interview and paying a $200,000 retainer, David Frost (Michael Sheen) found himself unable to sell it to the networks. Eventually, he decided to go it alone and foot the bill, over $2 million to produce it himself on a wing and a prayer.
• Fortunately, James Reston, Jr. (Sam Rockwell) managed to dig up data that saved the interviews. Days 1 and 2 didn't go so well with Nixon taking the upper hand, blathering on and on for hours about nothing. On the third day, however, and armed with new ammunition which Reston believed could be used to trap Nixon into admitting more than he ever had, Frost unleashed the gamut. Nixon ended up making fatal statements of Presidential powers that sunk any political future to which he might have aspired.
• The film ends with an interesting scene whereby Frost delivers the former president a pair of Italian loafers which have been the subject of some concern for Nixon throughout the interviews. He's touched and gives Frost advice on how to capitalize on his success. He suggests that maybe Frost would have been the better politician and he the better journalist.

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