Spoiler Points for Were the World Mine (2008)

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Spoiler Points for Were the World Mine (2008) [NR] 95 minutes
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Spoiler Points for Were the World Mine

If you aren't sure if you want to see this film, read the spoiler and then you'll be sure.

• Timothy (Tanner Cohen) is the son of a divorced mom, Donna (Judy McLane) who find himself enrolled in an all boys prep school (sort of the dream scenario for a gay teen boy). But it gets better and worse.
• It's worst because the school is full of homophobic jocks and coaches.
• Timothy develops a crush on the captain of the rugby team, Jonathon (Nathaniel David Becker). Unfortunately, his love seems unrequited as he realizes the two will never be together. His best friends, Max (Ricky Goldman) and Frankie (Zelda Williams) try there best to encourage him and keep up his spirits despite constant hazing at school. His mother shares a bit of the burden but contributes to it as well.
• Fortunately, for Timothy, Ms. Tebbit (Wendy Robie), his ethereal English teacher sees something special in him and invites him to try out for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" which will be cast all men just like in Shakespeare's time. He gets up his courage and auditions. His singing voice is terrific and eventually he is cast as Puck.
• As he's hazed and his mother is making his wings for his costume, he worries he won't get his lines because he doesn't really understand them. Ms Tebbit encourages his to read more deeply. That afternoon, he reads more deeply and the formula for a love potion is revealed to him in the text. He concocts it and tests it out on Max who immediately falls in love with him despite a previous crush on Frankie. He gets Max out of the house after his mother catches them together in the closet. He tries to convince her that nothing was going on. He knows that Max really likes Frankie, but he also now knows that the formula is a success. The next day, he squirts it on the other members of the cast using a reconfigured squirting flower. The last one to get the squirt is Jonathon who immediately falls for him. He's in 7th heaven as much as he feels guilty. He even uses it on Coach Driskill (Christian Stolte) who then falls for the headmaster. Puck's love potion is perfect.
• At the evening celebration, he gets the idea to convert the entire town. Pretty soon everyone is acting out on long repressed feelings. It's a borderline disaster as much as everyone is learning a valuable lesson. When the Head of School calls a meeting of parents to discuss why all their sons are now gay, he decides to shut down "A Midsummer Night's Dream". But, Ms. Tebbit intervenes and commands him to go on with the show. She then rounds up Timothy and tells him he'll have to undo his spells. Part of him doesn't want to because he doesn't want to lose Jonathon. Still, he recognizes he must follow here advice. At the play, he releases the new potion and everyone reverts back to their original selves. The play goes off without a hitch, and everyone thinks that Timothy was amazing.
• In the green room after the show, people come up to congratulate Timothy. One by one they come and go until Jonathan arrives and it appears that the potion did not wear off of him. He's really in love with Timothy even after the potion has worn off.

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