Where Can I Get My Own Movie Poster Made?

For a while, movieEVERYday.com has been searching for a printer to print movieEVERYday.com posters. Yeah, wouldn't it be cool to have your own poster? Meanwhile, of course, mEd.com is visited by hundreds of people everyday just to look at movie posters. Well, we are pleased to be able to finally provide a source for those indie film makers and the like. Do you need CD or DVD sleeves? Well wait no more. We are excited to have found PSPrint.

Poster printing is one of their specialties. mEd.com plans to purchase a run of 12x17 posters to give away to movie theaters to help spread the word. [note: they also do 18x24 and 24x36 posters] Could there be a cooler way to advertise a movie review site than with a movie poster? But that's not all, if you are a podcast reviewer, you might want to go all out and put your reviews on CD right? And who better than PSPrint to produce your CD inserts? They can handle all of your cd cover printing.

Of course, we ad mEd.com are very excited about the posters, but you might also be excited to use their many other full service printing jobs as they can help a start-up business with letter head, business cards (darn, we just ran out of these ourselves! PSPrint to the rescue!), vinyl banners, event tickets, door hangers, flyers, and just about everything else you could ask for.

We'll let you know when our poster is ready! In the meantime, keep in mind that PSPrint does custom posters for businesses, artists, events and promotions. We found their prices to be incredible!

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