2009 Golden Globe Red Carpet Commentary

6:53 pm Selma Hayek talks about being a new mom and her role as co-executive producer of "Ugly Betty". She also talks about her new role as the love interest of Alec Baldwin on "30 Rock". She also gives props to Penélope Cruz.

6:53 pm Pierce Brosnan talks about his role in Mamma Mia! and having to sing. Then he talks about his upcoming movie.

6:49 pm The loudness of the crowd is annoying. Clearly the celebrities cannot hear the questions or their own answers. It's rather odd. Also, the commercials are coming more frequently as one can tell by the time record.

6:48 pm Marisa Tomei talks about her role in The Wrestler. She's looking forward to seeing friends.

6:45 pm Tom Cruise is quizzed about his role in Tropic Thunder. He and Ben have been talking about reprising Les Grossman for the Internet. Robert Downey Jr. also talks about his incredible year with Iron Man and his role in Tropic Thunder. Sting wasn't nominated but he's a presenter this year.

6:40 pm Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio talk about being together in Revolutionary Road. Leonardo says, "It's great working together with one of your best friends." Kate says she's most looking forward to seeing Leonardo win.

6:39 pm Steven Spielberg appears with Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Will Arnett. Amy Poehler talks about Baby Mama. Tina Fey talks about how fun it was to be Sarah Palin (the funnest thing ever she says). Will Arnett talks about his new baby with Amy Poehler.

6:37 pm Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell comment on being nominated with each other for In Brueges. Colin says he's rooting for himself and slipped Gleeson a $20 to root for him. Eva Mendez pops into the frame.

6:33 pm Dustin Hoffman states he's unaware that he has more Golden Globe wins than any other actor along with Jack Nicholson. He talked about his new movie with Emma Thompson as well as upcoming films, Meet the Fockers 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2.

6:32 pm Mark Wahlberg and Jeremy Piven talk about "Entourage" and then Piven mentioned that he was taken out of his show due to mercury poison.

6:31 pm Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore show up to promote their new HBO film Grey Gardens. Jessica Lange says it's much more enjoyable than the other award shows.

6:30 pm Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens talk about how Dustin Hoffman having to wait until after they are done to be interviewed. Vanessa mentions she had no clue the HSM series would be so popular.

6:28 pm Maggie Gyllenhaal stops to talk about The Dark Knight. She described the experience as a "wild ride", and she says that Heath Ledger really elevated the film. She hopes he wins but thinks it's alright if he doesn't. He better win!

6:26 pm Dennis Leary and family give their insights about being at the event. Then Dennis Leary talks all about the HBO film "Recount".

6:24 pm Beyoncé Knowles talks about her nominated role and the beautiful music. Signourey Weaver talks about her marriage of 35 years and Baby Mama--which was described as a bit hit???

6:22 pm Rachel Griffiths chats up "Brothers & Sisters" and her nomination with Aaron Eckhart. Eckhart then mentions the bittersweet feelings about Heath Ledger.

6:20 pm Blake Lively gossips about "Gossip Girl".

6:19 pm Blair Underwood talks about his first nomination 19 years ago for "LA Law". He claims to be far more appreciative. Then he discusses his new role and nomination.

6:15 pm Eva Mendes wears some sort of giant necklace and then mentions her new Macy's line of home decor.

6:13 pm Steve Carell does something wacky, but says there will be nothing else wacky. Then he chats up his "The Office" pals and Ricky Gervais who originated the British version.

6:13 pm Amanda Seyfried cannot seem to decide if Meryl Streep will win or not, she thinks so.

6:12 pm Sean Combs talks about how thrilled he is to be involved in so many different aspects of life from music to clothing lines. He recommends his new movie Notorious.

6:10 pm Aaron Eckhart dishes on his plans to present for Best Actress in a TV movie. He mentions his heroes Spielberg, Penn, and Eastwood.

6:08 pm America Ferrera is thrilled to be able to play "Ugly Betty" and talked all about her commitment to the campaign process this year.

6:07 pm Peter Gabriel talks about his nomination for his song in Wall-E. He's working on an organization called the Elders Project.

6:06 pm Billy Ray Cyrus comments on his daughter's success.

6:05 pm Miley Cyrus talks about her nomination for Best Original Song.

6:03 pm Rainn Wilson gabs about his nerdiness.

6:00 pm Jonas Bros chat about their life, their upcoming 3D concert film, their new album, and their charity. They also so "amazing" an amazing number of times.

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