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The Informers (2009) [R]
| Expected Release Date: 4/24/2009 | | Expected Length: 100 minutes |
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Directed by: Gregor Jordan (Ned Kelly)
Screenplay By: Bret Easton Ellis (debut) and Nicholas Jarecki (debut)
Based on the Book, The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis

Featured Cast: (where you might remember him/her from)
Billy Bob Thornton (Eagle Eye) • Kim Basinger (Cellular) • Winona Ryder (A Scanner Darkly) • Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) • Jon Foster (Stay Alive) • Amber Heard (Never Back Down) • Rhys Ifans (Elizabeth: The Golden Age) • Chris Isaak (A Dirty Shame) • Brad Renfro (10th & Wolf)

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