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17 Again (2009) [PG-13]
W.I.P. Scale™ Rating: $12.00

| Released on: 4/17/2009 | Running Time: 102 minutes |
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Directed by: Burr Steers ("Big Love")
Written by: Jason Filardi (Bringing Down the House)
Unsung Member of the Crew: Stunts – Mike Avery

Featured Cast: (where you might remember him/her from)
Zac Efron (High School Musical 3: Senior Year) • Leslie Mann (Drillbit Taylor) • Matthew Perry ("Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip") • Thomas Lennon (Hancock) • Michelle Trachtenberg ("Gossip Girl") • Allison Miller ("Boston Legal") • Tyler Steelman (Beowulf) • Katerina Graham (Greek") • Sterling Knight ("Sonny with a Chance") • Melora Hardin (27 Dresses)

Spoiler Points for 17 Again (2009)

If 3/4 the way through 17 Again all that Cheeze Whiz® you consumed during the film caused a rumbly in the tumbly and subsequent rushing to the facilities for relief causing you to miss the ending, then this spoiler is for you.

• After finally coaching his son Alex (Sterling Knight) into the confidence to talk to the object of his affection, the head cheerleader, Mark/Mike (Zac Efron) promise Alex another chance to get to meet her by announcing a huge party had his/Ned’s house to celebrate the recent basketball victory. On his way to find his daughter Maggie (Michelle Trachtenberg) to invite her too, he finds her in the school amphitheater in tears. The jerk jock bully, Stan (Hunter Parrish) has dumped her for being unwilling to “put out” for him. She’s thrilled to be invited to the party.
• The party gets way, way, way out of hand with hundreds of kids messing up Ned’s museum of sci-fantasy museum. Stan shows up to reclaim Maggie, but finds her unwilling and a sense that she’s now with Mark. Stan levels him with one punch. He wakes up to find Maggie rubbing his chest and expressing her love for him. He freaks and she gets the impression he’s not interested in girls. He says, “I’m not gay, Maggie, I’m in love.” Shortly thereafter, Scarlett (Leslie Mann) arrives to find Alex and take him home. Mark says not to worry he’s fine and might soon have a girlfriend.
• Principal Materson (Melora Hardin) and Ned (Thomas Lennon) arrive hoping to consummate their new relationship forged during dinner when each realizes a mutual passion for Middle Earth. Ned is furious about the party. Principal Masterson orders everyone out or 3 months of detention. Just at this moment, Mark leans in and kissed Scarlett. Maggie sees it. Scarlett hauls back and slaps him calling him a “weirdo man child”. Then Maggie slaps him too. Everyone leaves, and Ned slaps him a few more times, then hugs him.
• The next day, Ned’s cleaning the house, and Mark’s just wallowing. Ned realizes they have 22 minutes to get to divorce court. They arrive late, but the judge allows Mark to read a letter from Mike. It reveals that Mike doesn’t want a divorce but nor does he want to hold Scarlett back. The judge then orders them to leave. Scarlett asks for a continuation of 30 days which the judge grants. She picks up the wadded letter and finds it directions to the courthouse. She’s suspicious because Mark is just too much like her husband.
• Mark feels he’s failed and they are all better off without him. He will return to school and practice basketball to get that scholarship at last.
• Back at home, Scarlett finds a note from Mike and his wedding ring. It reads, “I wish I could finish things, Love Mike”. In a repeat of his high school senior year, scouts are present at the game. Scarlett and Maggie show up to the game to support Alex. Ned shows up and tries to convince the principal that they should still be friends. She say, “You can plunder my dungeon any time.” Watching him play, Scarlett realizes that Mark is Mike and she cannot ruin his second chance. So she flees the gym. Mike stops dribbling and runs after her. He tells Alex, now it’s his turn. As he runs down the hall, a vortex appears and he turns back into himself as the adult version (Matthew Perry) in the basketball uniform. He tells Scarlett he wants a second chance with her not his life. She hugs him and says, “I missed you.” The End
• Final Scene: Mike comes in on Principal Masterson asleep in a Star Wars-themed bed with Ned. He’s shocked, but says he’s there to thank Ned. Principal Masterson congratulates her new head basketball coach taking over after the retirement of his former coach, Coach Murphy (Jim Gaffigan). Ned gives him a present. It’s a whistle. Ned says, “Don’t blow it!”

The credits are interspersed with a high school year book montage of the cast and crew.

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