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State of Play (2009) [PG-13]
W.I.P. Scale™ Rating: $9.75

| Released on: 4/17/2009 | Running Time: 127 minutes |
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Directed by: Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland)
Written by: Matthew Michael Carnahan (Lions for Lambs) and Tony Gilroy (Duplicity) and Billy Ray (Breach)based on the British TV Show “State of Play” written by Paul Abbott
Unsung Member of the Crew: Camera Pa Liz Hinlein

Featured Cast: (where you might remember him/her from)
Russell Crowe (Body of Lies) • Ben Affleck (He's Just Not That Into You) • Rachel McAdams (The Lucky Ones) • Robin Wright Penn (Beowulf) • Jason Bateman (Hancock) • Katy Mixon (Four Christmases) • Viola Davis (Madea Goes to Jail) • Helen Mirren (Inkheart) • Jeff Daniels (Traitor)

Spoiler Points for State of Play (2009)

• If you fell soundly asleep mid-film when you realized that you’d already figured out most of the twists in State of Play, then this spoiler is for you.
• After much excellent sleuthing and with holding of evidence from Detective Donald Bell (Harry Lennix), Della Frye (Rachel McAdams) and Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe) spirit Dominic Foy (Jason Bateman) to a cheap motel under the guise of helping him get out of a difficult situation. They know he’s some how involved in the death of Sonia Baker (Maria Thayer) and related to PointCorp. So, they set up a hidden camera in one room to capture his confession so he can’t later deny it even though recording him without his knowledge is illegal. Cal’s a great reporter, not a great role model.
• Dominic confesses that he found Sonia for Point Corps to be places as a spy in Congressmen Stephen Collins’s (Ben Affleck) office. Eventually, though, Sonia started having an affair with Stephen and got pregnant. She fell in love with him and stopped giving PointCorp the vital information they required. Cal phones Collins to find out who put Sonja in his office. Collins tells him is was Congressmen George Fergus (Jeff Daniels). Cal suggests he come down to the motel right away.
• Cal shows Colllins the tape of Foy’s confession. Collins didn’t know she was pregnant. He’s so furious he goes next door to beat the crap out of Foy. McAffrey has to pull him off. Collins jets out furious at Cal. He wants to know why he had to find out about the baby this way. He accuses Cal of being a reporter first and a friend second. He also reveals that he knows Cal’s been sleeping with his wife – they were some sort of threesome in college.
• Cal and Della need Collins to give them all they know so they can both help him and get to the bottom of the story. Call pays Fergus a visit and ascertains that it’s true that Fergus placed Sonia and must know more about what’s going on than he admits.
• As their publisher, Cameron Lynne (Helen Mirren) keeps moving the deadline for publishing the paper costing thousands in overtime pay, Collins and his wife, Anne (Robin Wright Penn) come in to tell their side of the story. He admits to having an affair with Sonia whom he did not know at the time was a spy placed in his office by Point Corp with the help of Fergus. He then goes on to state that he had been investigating Point Corp for a while as the company was the recipient fo $40 billion in defense contracts under the guise of may shell corporations that would eventually give them a private army on US soil as well as total control over our security and information systems. He all but suggests that PointCorp is to blame for Sonia’s death. On the way out, Anne mentions a $26K figure that Cal later realizes she couldn’t know unless...
• She were in on more than she claims. He connects the dots and realizes that the assassin, Robert Bingham (Michael Berresse) is an old friend of Stephen Collins – they were army buddies in Kuwait. Ah ha, turns out that Collins was having Sonia followed. He doubted her loyalty. When Bingham found out she was dirty, he killed her. He also killed anyone that got in the way. His loyalty was absolutely toward Collins. Cal visits Collins working late at night in his office and accuses him of four murders. He tells him the police are on their way. He returns to his cubicle and hammers out a new story with Collins as the chief perpetrator. He puts Della Frye first on the byline and lets her submit the article for publication. Then he walks off. Della pushes send on the computer and walks off after him.
• The film ends with shots of the paper with the new Collins story going to press.

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