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actress Vivica A. Fox, born on 30 July 1964 in Indianapolis, Indiana a very Happy Birthday! Please feel free to add your own birthday wishes for Vivica by adding a comment below.
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A look back on highlights of Vivica Fox's acting career in film to date via Movie Posters
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Jasmine Dubrow
Miss Gold
Vernita Green
Kickin It Old Skool
Lucinda Perryweather
Roxanne Jackson

Please check out the work of Vivica Fox available for purchase from our premier partner, Movies Unlimited.
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Alias: The Complete Third Season [DVD](2003)
Batman & Robin (Special Edition) [DVD](1997)
Batman & Robin [DVD](1997)
Best Of The Source Awards, Vol. 2: Hip-Hop History, The [DVD](2002)
Bible: Solomon, The [DVD](1997)
Blast [DVD](2004)
Blast [VHS](2004)
Boat Trip (R-Rated Version) [DVD](2003)
Boat Trip [DVD](2003)
Booty Call (The Bootiest Edition) [DVD](1997)
Booty Call [DVD](1997)
Double Take [DVD](2001)
Ella Enchanted (Widescreen Version) [DVD](2004)
Ella Enchanted [DVD](2004)
Ella Enchanted [VHS](2004)
Father Of Lies [DVD](2007)
Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: The Complete First Season, The [DVD](1990)
Getting Played [DVD](2005)
Hair Show [DVD](2004)
Hard Corps, The [DVD](2006)
Hendrix [DVD](2000)
Hustle And Heat [DVD](2003)
Hustle And Heat [VHS](2003)
Idle Hands [DVD](1999)
Independence Day (Special Edition) [DVD](1996)
Independence Day (Widescreen Version) [DVD](1996)
Independence Day [DVD](1996)
Juwanna Mann [DVD](2002)
Juwanna Mann [VHS](2002)
Kickin' It Old Skool [DVD](2007)
Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair [DVD](2007)
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 [DVD](2003)
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 [VHS](2003)
Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time [DVD](2003)
Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time [VHS](2003)
Kingdom Come [DVD](2001)
Little Secrets [DVD](2001)
Missing: Season 2 [DVD](2004)
Motives [DVD](2004)
Motives 2: Retribution [DVD](2007)
Saintly Switch, A [DVD](1999)
Saintly Switch, A [VHS](1999)
Salon, The [DVD](2005)
Set It Off [DVD](1996)
Soul Food [DVD](1997)
Teaching Mrs. Tingle [DVD](1999)
Two Can Play That Game [DVD](2001)
Why Do Fools Fall In Love [DVD](1998)
Why Do Fools Fall In Love [VHS](1998)
World Destruction Box Set [DVD]

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Content Summary:
• Vivica Fox's Birthday: 30 July 1964
• birthplace of Vivica Fox: Indianapolis, Indiana
• linked list of movies and/or tv shows featuring Vivica Fox available for purchase
• brief filmography for Vivica Fox via movie posters
• additional photos of Vivica Fox (when available)
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